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Flexibility Series Day 6 - Spine

Our spine is able to move in so many ways, it can flex, extend, rotate and laterally flex and it can segment. There are loads of ways to move in to your spine, but I love this tool because we can move through all of the ranges available. I recommend also doing Cat-Cow working through segmenting your spine.

  • Thoracic rotations (Spend 2-4 minutes on this 2-3 times a day)

Give yourself a great big hug! Take your spine through flexion, lateral flexion, rotation and extension with this amazing little sequence. Try some repetitions slow adding pauses in areas that feel super tight. Then also have a go at a few repetitions moving faster too. Flexibility isn't all about moving slowly, we need some element of speed in our flexibility when it comes to day to day tasks or for our sport. If you only ever train ranges slowly then this will not relate to other areas in your day to day. Most of all, do what feels good. You can also add load to this such as hugging a medicine ball as you move.

Check out my MVMT library for more videos ranging from 5-60 minutes. I created the library to help you work on your movement daily from home, whether thats morning flows, movement specific skill work, downloadable programmes of Yoga. There is new content added every week.

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