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A consultation is vital before we work 1:1 or before you begin online programming. We will discuss your lifestyle and goals in depth, and I will guide you through a movement screening. This is to ensure your program can help you develop progress towards specific goals, improve mobility and to prevent injury. 


Online Programming

Individually tailored programming. Train on your time, smash through plateaus and reach your goals. Access your training plan via an app or desktop. Each session is planned with video and written guidance. Send your videos and feedback for review every week, removing any guesswork and helping you to make progress towards your goals. Plans start from £65 per month. Please get in touch by clicking below.

Online Programming


Since joining G’s online Yoga class I have learnt so much, like Balances, the importance of stretches for all parts of the body and breathing techniques! 

Online 1 : 1 Coaching

Train with me from your own living room, gym, garage or garden. This is a great chance to have help towards your goals with real time feedback and the opportunity to ask any questions. Before booking this option, you will need to book a consultation which will include goal setting and movement screening.


Online Coaching




Online Coaching




Online Coaching




Want better mobility on your time?
Check out the MVMT library!


Check out my upcoming workshops or get in touch to request one near you!


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Amy . . .

I already had Yoga experience before working with G. I Wanted more of a workout yoga class and being online meant I could do it anywhere. I have learnt More about how the body works And why/ what certain movements do rather than just being told to take positions. G’s classes make you feel more flexible and strong. Classes are Friendly, open, easy to understand what to do in the way it is explained. I feel loads of benefits! Aches are less or gone, feel less tight, stronger all round. I have learnt More about knowing when my body needs to stretch and what might be causing any aches I experience. Do it, Classes are Excellent!

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