Build strength, awareness, and find freedom in your movement.

I’m Georgie! I love to move from CrossFit and Calisthenics to Yoga and Mobility. My passion is to help you learn new skills and enjoy your training with a key focus on coaching you to move well. Moving well means moving without pain or restriction and building awareness in your body. On here you’ll find numerous ways to move with me from online classes, the video library or online programming, so be sure to check them all out.

How can I help you?


Virtual Classes

Join me live for Yoga, mobility, and Yoga balance. All classes are coached with feedback whatever your experience.


MVMT Library

Move with me online when it is convenient for you. From Mobility & Yoga flows, to Skills, balancing and follow along workouts.

Online Programmes

Online programming is specifically tailored to you and your goals. Programmes are updated each week to ensure you are always making progress. Programmes include video and written instruction.


What I have been up to . . .

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