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Tired of feeling sore, beaten up, and inflexible?


Join my MVMT library

Designed to keep you accountable, consistent, and as a result recover from days sitting, long car journeys, training sessions, or sports practice. Find freedom in your movement with flows and movement series that will combat tightness in your body, prevent injury, and help you move better for longer.

Improving your flexibility can feel really uncomfortable...


It's easy to put off and say we will make time later when we know we need to take action on those thoughts now. The sooner you do the easier other areas of life and training will become.


But you feel so inflexible, how do you know where to even begin?


Is it even going to help you becoming more flexible?


About me

I have also combatted injury after injury through the wrong approach to my training. Going harder, faster, and eventually hitting that wall either with a niggle, injury, or just feeling like I am no longer progressing in the gym. I have been that person who wakes up not feeling good in my body because it just hurts all the time. 

I have been sitting for hours and suffered back pain, neck pain, stress, fatigue, and frustration. Through my own error I learnt how important strength and flexibility is as well as moving less linear, and how movement truly is medicine.


I made a commitment to myself to change that and make my body and movement a priority. At the end of the day, without movement there isn't life, or life certainly becomes less enjoyable. 


Freedom in your body

The MVMT Library is designed to get you out of a funk of feeling sore, inflexible and beaten up to help you grow a consistent habit and commitment to looking after your body around an active or inactive lifestyle. Open up your movement potential and find freedom in your body.

The MVMT Library will help you explore your movement and find freedom in your body time efficiently.


Des . . .

Working with G was excellent! I had been really struggling with accountability and exhaustion from overworking. I was struggling with irregular workout habits and little progress in my mobility. I loved working with G and how she could adapt every exercise for my needs.


Overall the process of working with G was very good, especially all the different possibilities and movement variety. I have been a part of classes, online programming, 1:1s, and her MVMT Library. G’s explanations are always clear and adaptable and I love her teaching style. From working with G my mobility has improved and I have become stronger! In terms of outside training I feel more balanced and content in my routine. Work with her, she is the best!


When you join my MVMT Library you get . . .

A large variety of short flows to follow to help with the little and often approach for flexibility success.


Class recordings, including Yoga and mobility for a full hour of movement and mindfulness.


Programmes and PDF downloads to use whenever suits you.


Specific movement series’ to help you focus on improving movement for a specific task or skill.


From an experienced background in different forms of movement I cater my movement sessions to help a broad range of people's bodies, keeping in mind the benefit this will have on their recovery and performance.

Rob . . .

Before working with G mobility was my main problem and the area I wanted help. I was getting injured a lot, either at work, or when doing basic things day to day. I really enjoyed the progression from working with G, it is a slow process undoing years of bad movement. Having a lack of mobility can be so frustrating, but it is so rewarding when you eventually unlock a movement. I am still a work in progress, but these days I don’t get injured nearly as easily and I love working on my mobility consistently each week with the help of G. I 100% recommend you to give it a go!


The breakdown

You will learn how movements should feel and how everyone's bodies are different.


You will learn how to challenge or regress a movement so you can make progress in your own time.


You will be able to choose from flows when you are short on time, full body flows, or broken up by body part.


You can choose a specific series to help with a specific problem such as wanting to improve your squat.

Luci . . .

I joined the MVMT Library because I love G’s videos and content and I wanted to improve my mobility. I do Crossfit and find it really helps me alongside my training to recover between sessions. I really enjoy the Quick Flows and morning flexibility because they help me to feel energized and fresh before work! I am a nurse and the long hours can leave you feeling really tight in your spine, shoulders and hips! This really helps me to keep moving around my shifts. The best bits in the library for me are the Mobility flows and Yoga. I love that the majority of the flows are 15-20 minutes as I am always on the go. The videos are really easy to follow and perfect to complement your current training routine or lack thereof! Give it a go!

The MVMT Library is the right fit for you even if

You are not flexible.

The MVMT Library makes it easy for you with follow along flows where you will be taught different regressions and progressions of each movement to help you progress and get flexible in your time.


Scotty . . .

Before working with G I was really struggling with my ankle, hip, and shoulder mobility for my weightlifting. My mobility made everything feel really challenging from my ability to squat snatch and clean, but also my ability to recover from my training. I really enjoyed the methodical way my programme was set out and how easy it was to get in touch with G. Overall the process was excellent and a real confidence boost! Working with G significantly improved all areas of restriction in my movement and greatly improved the quality of my weightlifting. In terms of weightlifting I noticed a lack of stiffness in the morning and better posture overall. If you are thinking about working with G do it! Stay consistent each week because it works!


Sometimes you just need guiding through movements and how they should feel, rather than guessing . . .

Commit this time to yourself to feel better, move better and get more flexible.

One more thing . . .

I want to talk to you about before you go... 6 months from now, even a month...


If you join my MVMT Library and commit to at least 3 flows per week, chances are your movement will feel and look very different by then.


Maybe you're thinking ‘Yeah yeah, alright G’, but seriously, how would you feel if…

You started feeling more capable in your body day to day?

You are moving more efficiently in workouts in the gym?

You are carrying less niggles and feel less stressed or tense in your body?

You’ve unlocked a new skill in your training or sport due to improve range of motion?

Pain is reduced and you look forward to spending time on your movement each day.


How often will content be added?

I add new videos/flows each month and send out an update to let you know what's new, and how it can help you.

How do I know if the content in there is what I need?

Test it out and if you decide it isn't for you, you can cancel any time.

I am so inflexible isn't it too advanced for me?

None of the content is too advanced because I always give modifications for movements. I can tell you now that any movement is going to be good movement if it is more than what you are currently doing when it comes to improving your flexibility.

I am no spring chicken, don't I need something easier for my age?

All flows are for everyone, age is just a number. I also always recommend modifications for movements. Sometimes movements can feel particularly hard, but then if you avoid those movements, they will always be hard. The first time you try anything always feels uncomfortable, but with consistent practice it won't be, and this is where more potential in your movement will be unlocked for other things.

I am on a tight schedule, what if I don't have time?

I have specifically built a large library of short flows that range from 5- 20 minutes for those of us with busy lifestyles.

What if I need to cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription any time via your account.

How often should I use the MVMT Library?

I recommend by starting with even just one flow per week and gradually creating a more regular habit. By completing at least 3 flows per week you will make considerable improvements in your mobility.

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