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Flexibility Series Day 8 - Shoulders

Are you feeling all hunched up and tense in your upper back and shoulders? Have you been sat at a desk or in a car for a long time?

Try this movement every day for a few minutes, or as long and as often as you like to open up tension in the chest and shoulders. You can even do it whilst sat at your computer. If using a dowel like I am in the video, you can even add some load with a fractional plate over time, however get used to this without load to begin with.

Shoulder passthroughs (Perform this for 2 - 4 minutes or 30-50 repetitions)

This is a great way to open up your shoulders and allow them to rotate, which they are designed to do. Use a wooden dowel, a resistance band a Yoga strap or some stretchy clothing for these. Start with a nice wide grip and gradually you can bring the hands in a little. Start with some slow repetitions, once again picking up some speed as you move too. Keep your pinky fingers down and allow your shoulder blades to glide on the rib cage. You can also add holds with the object behind your back. Squeeze the object irradiating throughout your body for up to 30 seconds at a point you feel the stretch in your chest. Then bring the object back over in front of you. Repeat the process as often as you like.

There is an entire section in the MVMT library to help you improve your shoulder mobility as well as my 30 day Mobility challenge. You can check it all out for FREE for 7 days. Happy Moving! :)

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