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Flexibility Series Day 7 - Spine

How often do you flex laterally? We can and therefore we should to keep our spine healthy. I find this is a movement we do little of and it can feel great, especially to relieve tension in your lower back or if you have spent a long time stuck, sat or standing all day. Follow along with todays video and spend a couple of minutes per side or even repeat this a few times throughout the day.

Lateral bends

A nice and simple way to open up tension through the side of your body including the hips, lower back, ribs, lats and shoulders. Again perform some slow repetitions, holds, as well as picking up some speed throughout. These can be done seated, kneeling or standing.

Check out my MVMT library for free for 7 days, after then just £9.99 per month. All the videos within this platform are there to help you move better, recover and make time for your body if you are short on time. There is a whole section dedicated to moving your spine as well as full body flows, Yoga flows, and a section where you can learn new skills too. Check it out below.

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