I am excited to bring you this new platform to share my favourite elements of my own movement practice with you. You will find tutorials and flows from, Mobility, Yoga, and Skills training. I can't wait to hear how you get on or catch up with you on a Live session.

Here I break down elements of my practice and what they mean to me.


Mobility has always been hugely important to me and I have always been passionate about the connection between having good mobility as a foundation to all sports and movement practices. Mobility includes having good flexibility, strength, balance, stability, coordination and awareness; It is being able to move from one position to another with ease and control. It is so important that we spend more time working on elements of our mobility such as flexibility and strength, increasing the range we have available, but also having strength within it. It will help safeguard our bodies from injury and be able to achieve so much more in our movement.

I personally had excessive range, but lacked strength within that range in the beginning which led to a lot of injuries. This is still something I still work at every day.

I have worked with a lot of clients online and in person wanting to improve their mobility and it is certainly the most satisfying aspect of my work. Seeing someone achieve their first full squat, experience pain free movement, or gain the range to do a handstand is an incredible journey to witness.

You will find lots of videos here to help you, whether that is to recover from a specific or full week's training session, a long week sitting down at work, or you want to dive into the specifics to build the foundations for a certain skill. You will find full body flows as well as flows broken up by body part, depending what you need.


Although I prefer to refer to myself as a Movement Coach, Yoga has been a big part of my life since I was 18, from doing DVDs in the living room every morning when there were no local classes and learning from books, to completing my teacher training in Morocco in 2014.

I am extremely passionate about the benefits of movement, breath and mindfulness whilst allowing ourselves that time to slow down, connect and become more present.

Within the library you will find a combination of flows in my own style from:

  • Power Yoga; a strong athletic practice.

  • Yoga & Mobility; a combination of the elements of Yoga and mobility I love combined.

  • Restorative Yoga; a more mindful practice allowing time to relax and spend more time in postures to restore and recover.


Learning new skills is so much fun mentally and physically, overcoming barriers and being able to see what your body is truly capable of. We a