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IT'S TOO LATE! - Part 5


Do you ever feel like not starting something because of your age?

Do you ever look back and think, if only I had started 'X' sooner?

It's funny because in another few years you will probably look back again, feel even less capable and maybe you'll repeat... I wish I had started 'X'.... It becomes a constant cycle.

You have the power right now to break that cycle!

There is never a better time to start improving your movement than right now, no matter what age, or whether or not you go to the gym. Better mobility isn't for gym people its for all people!

If anything, if you don't enjoy the gym or training, then it is even more important that you start incorporating some form of movement in your life for longevity.

Tip #5 - Too old to start..

I believe you are never too old to start, and I believe this is something I will continue to take with me the older I get. I don't ever want to hold back from trying something I like the thought of just because of a number. I don't want that to be an excuse.

Age is never a reason to stop learning and certainly never a reason to stop moving.

sThe older you get the more important it becomes, due to loss of muscle mass and bone density. We lose lubrication in our joints an we stop moving though our full ranges of motion.

If you feel lost where to start, I would recommend beginning with something like joint C.A.R.S daily. Move through the available range you have and gradually over time aim to increase those ranges of motion. You will need to be consistent and make this a habit, not just an occasional thing.

Try some daily morning flows, such as Yoga, or an evening stretch. You will find plenty of follow along flows in my MVMT Library as well as Quick Flows to suit a busy schedule.

Ask yourself this; What is it costing you to stay where you are right now?

How are the problems you are finding in your movement showing up in your life and what are they holding you back from being able to do?

Maybe that's struggling to move around at home easily, being in pain, always feeling tense and stressed, or perhaps its gym related. Maybe you keep getting injured or you can't get in to a position to perform a movement efficiently. Perhaps you just keep hitting plateaus.

Have a think and write down where the problems are showing up in your life.

Set Goals...

Giving yourself a movement goal can help you stay focused on putting the work in. It's your own personal 'why'. That 'why' will keep you showing up.

For example, I might choose to work towards a deep lizard lunge to help improve my squat, or perhaps a bridge to counteract all the time spent sitting hunched over a desk.

Maybe you want to get into running, but keep experiencing back pain and therefore now have a reason to assess and work on your hip and hamstring strength and flexibility.

Maybe you want to be able to get in and out of the car more easily, or be able to join in with family activities...

Whatever the reason or goal, we need to be consistent and form a habit. Commit to yourself.

Working on your flexibility no matter when you start will help you to be able to keep doing the things you enjoy for longer!

The best time to start is now!


Get Flexible, Move better & Feel better...


P.s...Go to that class you feel nervous to try, take part in that event you keep putting off, join that group you keep talking yourself out of. This is your sign!

G x


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16 août 2022

Great article! Love this message 🫶🏽💪🏽👌🏽

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