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No time for your mobility?...

Do you want better mobility, but find yourself saying there is no time to do it?

Here are my points of view on this subject, and I hope it might help you to think of improving your flexibility in a less complicated way.

Incorporating small bouts of movement throughout the day, even for just 5 minutes at a time, can make a significant difference in your flexibility and overall well-being.

Many people struggle to find large blocks of time for exercise, but breaking it down into smaller, more manageable chunks can be highly effective. Here are some reasons why this approach works:


Consistency is Key: Consistently dedicating just 5 minutes to movement each day can lead to better results than sporadic longer workouts. Regularity matters when it comes to success, whether thats refining a skill, getting stronger or improving flexibility.

Reduced Overwhelm: The idea of finding an hour for exercise might seem daunting, especially if you have a busy schedule. Five minutes, on the other hand, is much more achievable, and it's easier to commit to. This could be 5 minute blocks throughout the day where you pick one stretch or one movement to dedicate that time to.

Improved Focus and Productivity: Taking short breaks to move and stretch can actually enhance focus and productivity, as it gives your mind a chance to recharge and reset. Movement is medicine and if you have been sat for a long time your body is craving movement which will help with mental fatigue, loss of focus and creativity. Rather than grab that extra cup of coffee, why not move instead... Or at least move while your making it?

Injury Prevention: Regular movement breaks can help prevent stiffness and reduce the risk of injury, especially if you have a sedentary job that involves sitting for extended periods. If you sit for hours, then hit that session at the gym where you go from 0-100 and find yourself compensating to get your body in to certain positions, just know that movement earlier in the day can really help to open up your flexibility. If your body is more open and flexible you will also be able to produce more force and get stronger. This is due to having more access to the working tissues, also making it less likely to compensate elsewhere.

Targeted Approach: You can use those 5 minutes to work on specific areas that need improvement, like stretching or strengthening less efficient links in the body. This might be a set of split squats to target the ankles, knees and hips or some time spent hanging from a bar to improve grip, scapular & shoulder stability etc. If you are unsure on what you need to work on, this is where getting a movement assessment can come in handy instead of guesswork.

Forming a Habit: Consistently setting aside 5 minutes for movement can help establish a positive habit. Once it becomes routine, you might find yourself naturally wanting to extend those movement sessions.

Adaptability: Short sessions can be done almost anywhere and can be done with little to no equipment. You can do them when you get up in the morning, during work breaks, while waiting for something, even while you are working by just becoming more aware of how you are sitting, standing etc. I personally try to sit in a squat with my laptop every now and then instead of sinking in to my chair. You could do this and use a heel wedge for more comfort if needed.

Mental Well-being: Movement and stretching helps in reducing stress and improving your mood which is essential for mental health. Personally, It isn't that long ago I fell in to a habit of rolling out of bed, washing, brushing my teeth, getting dressed and getting straight in front of my laptop. As a result my mental health wasn't great and I underestimated how important that time for yourself is. My body felt tight and tired, and I was supplementing that with coffee after coffee. All I committed to change was setting my alarm 30 minutes earlier. When I get up now I commit to doing 5 minutes of breath work and 5 minutes of movement. This has gradually increased in time because I want to be there for longer now, but to start with it didn't always feel like that.

With consistency I adapted mentally and physically, and now the morning is the most important part of the day for myself. It helps me to set myself up positively which impacts how i approach everything, from how I feel about myself and in my body, to how I interact with others.


Whether you choose to make more time in the morning or use an alarm to remind you to move throughout the day, the key is consistency. With consistency you will experience the benefits over time.

Less is always more, if it is more sustainable.

For help and guidance, check out my MVMT Library below, offering short flows to help you get flexible and feel great in your body.


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