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When it comes to improving the way we move, ask yourself how much of your week is actually spent moving and how much of it is being stuck in static positions such as at a desk, hunched over your phone or in the car.

We can't expect that one hour in the gym or that daily walk to be enough to keep our joints healthy and contribute to longevity in our movement. Moving has so many incredible benefits, and one of the most important parts should be conditioning our bodies in such a way they can keep doing the things we enjoy for the physical and mental benefits long term.

If you go to a gym, run, walk, whatever the activity, have you noticed how linear it is? Your body can move in so many more ways and I think this is what initially hooked me to my Yoga practice. It felt like I had so much more to explore and I realised the magnitude of what our bodies are actually capable of.

Being mobile comes from conditioning and moving your joints through their full range of motion. Ask yourself, how much do you rotate your joints through their full range in or out of the gym?

We lose the lubrication in our joints as we age and this is even more of a reason to make time to move out of these linear lines, starting now.

Take a look at the different sections of the MVMT library below to see loads of different ways you can move for longevity around your busy lifestyle or training routine.



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