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Flexibility Series Day 1- Ankles

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Are you making time to move every day?

When it comes to our health in terms of moving our bodies we can easily get distracted by all of the 'jobs' we need to get done. We get caught up thinking in the future, that we forget about the right now.

Your body is made to move, it's desperate to move and it's asking you to not take it for granted. Those feelings of tension in the morning have an effect on your entire day ahead. By moving dynamically and increasing your blood flow you will begin to feel so much lighter physically and mentally as well as more energised.

Beginning a movement practice can feel daunting that it can almost feel easier to ignore the discomfort or tension you are feeling and just not start. If you find a way to start moving even in the simplest of ways that feels manageable and not too intense to begin with, then that will feel more realistic and it will hopefully become a long term commitment.

Over the next 10 days I will write a short blog sharing a movement to work on that day. After the 10 days, pick all or a few of the movements that felt the best for you and start to incorporate them in as a sequence daily. At the end of the series I will pop all the videos together in one place so its easy for you to find them all.

The movements I will write about are some of my favourite movements to add in to a morning routine and maintain or improve flexibility. You don't have to pick them all and you can quite easily break them up throughout the day too. It is all about forming a sustainable and realistic habit. If you are consistent and commit to a daily practice I guarantee you are going to feel so much better even in a few weeks from now.

This series of movements will help to open up your whole body as well as improve strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and body awareness. If you know you have a long day ahead sat at a desk or in a car, then this is for you. Even if your day is generally more active, add this in anyway.

Day 1

  • Ankle Sequence (Perform this for 1 minute 2-3 times throughout the day )

You can use your hands for assistance throughout this flow. Spend time opening up the tension in your feet as well as strengthening them. If it is possible throughout the day, take your shoes off and try to go barefoot where you can. Our feet are our foundation, but we squeeze them in to shoes that stop them from moving and functioning the way they are supposed to. Treat them with love, go barefoot, wiggle your toes when ever possible, and buy Vivo-barefoot shoes if you are looking for a better shoe to wear day to day or training!


For more movement videos ranging from 5-60 minutes, check out my MVMT Library and grab 7 days FREE. New videos are added to the library every week, from morning movement flows, Yoga and Skills such as handstands or pistol squats, along with PDF downloads and programmes to follow.

Thanks for reading! I hope this blog series helps you in your movement practice, I would love to hear how you get on. Feel free to email me or comment below.

G x

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