I wanted to share with you one of my favourite and most versatile bits of equipment, the sandbag! It's easy to store away, you can take it with you anywhere you go,...(carry, or in the car depending how brave you are feeling) It can be used in so many ways and you can easily get a great full body workout in.

This one here is the Bulldog Gear Strongman Sandbag 2.0. I personally prefer this sandbag in my training, due to it being more awkward to pick up. This challenges grip, core and mobility differently to one with handles. Easy to manoeuvre doesn't always mean better. That being said, the sandbag with handles also has its place. It's easier to hold when running, you can hold it in the front rack position, grip it well for overhead movements, perform movements such as the bear complex and generally the easier grip means you can perform higher volume more efficiently.

Which ever bag you choose you are going to have an epic workout!

When choosing your sandbag, aim to pick something that in terms of load you can lift, press and pull. Unless you have skipped leg day your whole life then it's very likely your legs are stronger than your upper body. I would choose a bag I can press, or simply get more than one sandbag.


Here are 10 things you could use your sandbag 2.0 for in your training to work your whole body.

Squat Clean over the shoulder

Rock your hands underneath the bag until you get a good grip or until you bring the tips of your fingers close to each other. Drive your legs in to the ground as you pull the bag on top of your thighs. Knees can draw towards each other as you hug it in tight. You can sit in a low squat or where ever feels comfortable for your mobility. Rapidly extend your hips ( think about jumping) generating power, allowing you to throw the bag over the shoulder. Aim to alternate shoulders.


Power clean to the shoulder

Another great variation of clean, but this time there is no squat involved. Grip the bag either side keeping a neutral spine and active shoulders. Drive your legs allowing your hips and shoulders to rise together. Explosively extend your hips, knees and ankles, making the bag feel light and easy to bring to one shoulder. Aim to alternate shoulders performing this both sides.


Bent over row