Progressions & Regressions || Ring Muscle Up

Updated: Aug 19, 2021


The Ring Muscle Up is my favourite movement to teach. Watching someone progress from pull-ups and dips to a full strict muscle up is an epic and impressive journey that requires a lot of commitment, but most importantly, patience. One key component to reaching this goal is making sure the basics are strong - so be prepared to leave your ego at the door.



Wrist routine

Warming up the wrists is a vital when preparing for ring muscle ups or other variants. We put the wrists into a deep flexion to maintain our false grip during the movement, meaning we need to prep and open them up properly. Follow this short wrist sequence prior to your session, take 2-4 minutes practising this routine.

Banded Wrist Opener

Attaching a resistance band to the rig and working through flexion and extension will help with your wrist mobility.

False Grip

The false grip itself allows us to pull and push, but most importantly, this particular type of grip allows us to turn through the rings into the dip. If your grip isn’t correct then you won't be getting into a strict ring muscle up any time soon, even if you have the strength it requires - a neutral grip will not work! To get into a false grip, the rings need to sit in a diagonal line across your hand. You need to feel the ring on the ‘spongy’ bit of your palm.

Mobility Ball False Grip Hangs

Mobility ball hangs are pretty tough and uncomfortable to begin with, so try to build up the hang time gradually. You can do both wrists together, or one at a time. This kind of hanging will consequently make your false grip feel light and a lot more comfortable in comparison, while also ensur