Whats in your home gym?

I wanted to share with you what my top five bits of equipment for if you are on a budget and maybe a little short on space. Each bit of equipment listed below requires very little space, is super versatile and simple to transport about.

1. Gym Rings

Gym rings are such a great piece of equipment and probably my favourite. You can get a full body session in with countless variations of pulling movements, pushing movements, ways to challenge your core and also lots of ways to incorporate them in your lower body sessions too! Besides this you can take them with you anywhere, plus rings offer loads of regressions for specific movements, think feet assisted pull ups or walking taller for elevated push ups.

Where to train:

Hook up your rings on a tree and play with hangs, rows etc. You can use an anchor point on your ceiling perhaps, fix them over the top of a door or a pull up bar. They are light and easy to take away with you where ever you go.


5 x 3-5 Ring pull ups ( or feet assisted)

18 Min ALT EMOM ( Alternate movements each minute and rest the remainder or each)

1- 10 Ring Push ups

2- 15 Ring Pike ups

3- Max Air squats (No rest on this one)


2. Kettlebells

Another bit of kit that is easy to travel about with, store away without it being in the way and also give you a great full body workout is the kettlebell. You can use your kettlebell for unilateral work such as single arm pressing or loading up single leg squats etc. You could grab two of the same weight to load up your session and work more bilaterally or grab a couple of different weights to challenge your body in different ways. There are so many movements to add to your kettlebell session, but thats for another blog!

Where to train:

Grab your kettlebell and take it outside, down the local park, use it in your living room or garage etc. Add it in to your running workouts and give this workout below a go!