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The Legacy: Forgotten Gates Download For Pc [full Version]




(NOTE: Below is the original synopsis of the game, I will provide an update later for any changes that may have occurred to the game) "So this is it. The last day of the Promised Land. Your quest for new friends, new sights, and of course, a new love has led you to this last stage. The last stage of your journey. Your true love awaits. No greater love has ever been, and no greater love will ever be. But will you have what it takes to find the answer to this final mystery? Gameplay: The Legacy contains 4 scenarios with 7 locations each. Each location contains 2 goals, allowing for a total of 28 goals in this game. The goal is to complete a certain number of tasks in order to unlock that location. For example: At location 1, you would have to reach level 13. For the next location you would have to reach level 16. And so on. Each stage will challenge your wits and you’ll need to use all your thinking skills in order to reach the next location. You can unlock locations and also play the game’s mini-games for special rewards such as gold, clothing, and furniture. Can you earn enough gold to buy a new laptop? Or even a bigger TV? That’s the story of your life. Unlockable Games: In The Legacy you have the option of unlocking mini-games that will extend the life of the game for you. You will unlock more stages and more locations, making your life that much easier. And to add to your options, you can also choose which difficulty level you would like to play. So what are you waiting for? Get in this world, embrace the new, and find your way to your true love! NOTE: The game is currently being considered for a PC release and a Mac port is also in the works. They are still working on the final specs and rules on what will be available on the PC/Mac. UPDATE: A version for the PC/Mac has been released! This version is currently the highest rated version at version 1.5 (Duke) with a total of 3.4 out of 5 stars. A Mac version will be released soon. FEATURES: Unlockable Games Multiple Locations Multiple Scenarios A Unique Characters Multiple Tasks Awarding Achievements A Touch of




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