Ring Muscle Up in 5 MINUTES - With the School of Calisthenics

If you can do strong high pull ups and deep ring dips then in 5 minutes we can teach you to muscle up.

The main two things you'll need to master in these 5 minutes is the 'false grip on the rings' as well as patterning the movement of the transition between the top of the pull up and the bottom of the deep ring dip.

Follow along with Tim, Jacko and Georgie and enjoy the next 5 minutes!

If you can redefine your impossible and join us in #MuscleUpClub we'd love to see and hear about your graduates and celebrate it with you so do get in touch!

Want some help and a process to follow you can TRUST with step by step progressions, week training programmes, module assessments to help you track progress and problem solving solutions when you get stuck?

We have all this and more for members of the Virtual Classroom... including full programmes to follow for both RING and BAR Muscle ups!

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