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Flexibility Series Day 2 - Hips

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Hips dont lie..

Do you struggle with the feeling of tight hips or perhaps back pain?

Even if you don't have pain or discomfort, do you move your hips enough?

Our hips are designed to rotate and in fact need to, to be able to move efficiently.

In a lifestyle where we tend to spend long periods of time sat down or even stood up, we lose strength in the structures around our hips as well as the mind body connection. When it comes to then asking our hips to move in to say, a deep squat for example....suddenly they cant go where you want them to. ( I am not saying the hips are 'the' cause of your lack of range in your deep squat, but if they lack rotation this will certainly affect it)

We need to move our hips as much as possible but also build strength in the structures around the hips. With the rotations shown you can vary it up, moving passively and actively through dynamic movement or static (isometric) holds. I recommend a bit of dynamic movement first, follow this with some isometric holds in end ranges to build more strength. Finish with a passive stretch in internal and external rotation each side.

Even if you just follow the video shown a couple of times a day your body will thank you for it. A little movement is better than none.

  • Hip Rotations (Perform this for 2 minutes or 3-5 reps per side)

See if you can repeat this hip flow 2-3 times throughout the day today. Let me know how you get on and drop me a comment below!

For lots more hip mobility tutorials, check out my MVMT library and get 7 days free!

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